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Unite Your Space With Nature by Using Softscaping Services From Neil and Nick's Landscaping in Winnipeg!

Does your backyard look like a barren wasteland? Without plants, your Winnipeg property can look lifeless and dull. Plants, trees, flowers and rocks can make a difference. When you go without basic landscaping, your outdoor space can look unkempt, and that's not the first impression you want to leave on your guests.

Here are the benefits of softscaping services from Neil And Nick's Landscaping:

  • Increased visual appeal

  • Higher property value

  • Simplified maintenance

Whether it’s your own backyard or a commercial property, your outdoor space can benefit from a softscaping project. The right tree or flower will look elegant and invite nature into your area, while making a positive impact on the environment with added greenery. If you need some help deciding what flora will work best in your space, call the softscaping experts at Neil and Nick's Landscaping for a quote.


What Softscaping Services Does Neil and Nick's Landscaping Offer in Winnipeg?

Our team proudly offers several softscaping services to fit your needs. We are your top Winnipeg landscaping company and provide the following services.


Our tree planting services are essential to any landscaping project. Choosing a tree with the right height, shade, and beauty is important. That's why our experts plant various trees to suit your space, provide shade, enhance privacy, and contribute to a healthier environment. 

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Perennials and Grasses

If you want to increase the vibrancy of your landscape, peruse our selection of perennials and ornamental grasses. These plants can make your outdoor space look better any time of the year. Various colours, textures, and seasonal blooms can create a dynamic, low-maintenance garden that lasts for years. 



Large, strategically placed boulders can transform your landscape by adding versatility and natural beauty. Our boulder placement services create focal points, retain slopes, and offer a rustic charm that complements traditional and contemporary outdoor spaces.



Incorporate the timeless beauty of rocks into your landscape design. We offer many rock sizes and types to create stunning rock gardens, pathways, and accents. Rock landscaping adds visual interest and reduces maintenance by preventing weed growth.


Mulch and
Rip Rap Beds

Mulch serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in your landscape. Our mulching services help retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and suppress weeds to help your flower beds and garden areas look better. Rip rap beds add erosion control and texture to waterfront landscapes.




and Sod

Our excavation services are a solid foundation for your landscaping projects. Whether it's digging for water features, ponds, or outdoor living areas, we handle excavation with precision and expertise. It makes creating the groundwork for your dream landscape easy.

Achieve a perfectly level and lush lawn with our grading and sodding services. We expertly grade the terrain to ensure proper drainage and then lay sod for a luxurious and instant green carpet that transforms your outdoor space.

Adding plants to your outdoor space is the perfect way to make it more attractive to guests. For example, trees and rocks in the right place can turn a desolate space into an outdoor oasis. Are you ready for softscaping? Why not speak with the top Winnipeg landscapers? Call Neil and Nick’s Landscaping for a quote today. 





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Winnipeg Softscaping FAQs

  • What is the importance of landscaping for my property?
    Landscaping enhances the aesthetics, functionality, and value of your property. It also creates inviting outdoor spaces, improves curb appeal, and provides a natural environment for relaxation and entertainment.
  • What is the difference between hardscaping and softscaping?
    Hardscaping is the installation of non-living elements like stone patios, retaining walls, and pathways. In contrast, softscaping is all about the placement of living elements such as plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs to create a lush and vibrant landscape.
  • How can water features benefit my landscape?
    Water features, such as fountains and ponds, add a soothing and tranquil atmosphere to your outdoor space. They also serve as focal points, attract wildlife, and create a sense of luxury and serenity in your landscape.
  • What are the advantages of outdoor living and entertainment areas?
    Outdoor living spaces, including kitchens, fire pits, and seating areas, extend your living space into the outdoors. They provide opportunities for relaxation, socializing, and hosting gatherings, making your landscape a versatile and enjoyable part of your home.
  • Can you help with landscape maintenance after the initial installation?
    Yes, we offer ongoing landscape maintenance services to ensure that your outdoor space remains beautiful and healthy. Our maintenance services include lawn care, pruning, irrigation system management, and seasonal clean-up to keep your landscape in top condition year-round.

Maybe you dream of having a deck to lounge on when the beautiful summer weather rolls around.

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